【Referee Award Night】& Christmas Gift Exchange 【全民经纪人】庆圣诞,换礼物 20181222

╭ ╮老友新邻照过来!
┊有┊ 带上好友一同庆圣诞
┊您┊ 12月22日 约定你
╰ ╯️:+6012-273 4990

活动注册/Event Registration :https://goo.gl/forms/hQ5mJ2GhviObvSi53

【GIFTS TO NATURE】 Charity Bazaar慈善义卖会20181201

Do you know how to eat, drink, and play, but also to do charity?
Come and join “GIFTS TO NATURE” charity bazaar this Saturday!
Let’s join us save our mother nature with love!


爱摄影的,爱美食的,爱动物的 = 肯定不能错过
拉上TA, 展现爱心!
没有TA, 就来个众里寻他千百度,慕然回首,那人却在钻石花海处 共同留下美好足迹。

🕒 12月1日, 11 am-5 PM
📌Country Garden Diamond City
☎️+6012-273 4990

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Swimming Pool FREE Admission 泳池派对

Come and join us for a pool party in this Malaysia Day! Do you have any plan in this holidays? Don’t hide yourself on the bed, come to Diamond City’s clubhouse and join our infinite pool party! Just scan the QR code and follow the official WeChat Account of Country Garden Diamond City and you will entitled a FREE ADMISSION Voucher. See you there!