Get The Best Housing at The Lowest Price

The exciting moment is here! Are you guys ready?

  1. Lowest-ever Price (Limited for only 30 Units)
  2. ALL 0% (0 down payment, 0 lawyer fee, 0 loan stamp duty)
  3. Easy Payment Plan (0% interest-free up to 10 years)
  4. Bundle-FREE (Reason-free cancellation)
  5. Awesome Reward (Free maintenance fee* or Free clubhouse membership*)

GPS: DIAMOND CITY SALES GALLERY https://rb.gy/vpglj7

More info:https://bit.ly/DCWebCall or +6012-2734990

* Terms and conditions apply. All Images and photographs are artist’s impression only. The organizer/developer reserves the right to explain and define, alter, change, or cancel the event and/or information without prior notice.