The EYES of Diamond City – A Photography Competition


The EYES of Diamond City – A Photography Competition

Good news peeps and photography lovers!  Country Garden Diamond City is now organizing a photography competition. Among the prizes are Branded DSLR and Branded Waterproof Digital Camera and Photobook voucher. Now the competition entry will be closed on 28th of May while the results of the competition will be announced the next day which falls on 29th of May.

How to participate

If you are keen the official registration of the photography competition is at First you will have to like their Facebook page at and register here at Official Google Form

You may start to go and do photo shoot for landscape around the OVIEDO and Country Garden Diamond City. You can even go there everyday, Morning, Afternoon or Night, to capture the different ambience for the site, and be different from other will help a lot in the competition. You have around one month plus to do photo shoot, pick your best day, best weather day, but remember all photos have to be ready and send before 29 May 2016. After you selected 2 photo to join competition, you need to send it to together with FACEBOOK Name, Contact number and I/C Number before May 29, 2016. Do not ask others to do submission for you,  MUST  do it yourself. After 29 May 2016, Organiser will post your photos onto their facebook page, the higher votes/likes win the competition. Simple as that.


Terms of the competition

  1. Works submitted must be produced by original photographer
  2. 2 maximum submission per photographer
  3. Judges decision are final
  4. Photos should be submitted to with photographer’s Facebook name, Identity Card number and Contact Number
  5. Results shall be announced on 29th of May , 2016 on Country Garden Diamond City Official Facebook page here.

You can sign up HERE.